Hubbub has gone into hibernation.


Messy desk at Hubbub Berlin studio

Founded in 2009, Hubbub consists of a geographically distributed team of people with backgrounds in design, technology and games. Our primary interest is to invent and build digital products that are playful and engaging.

We make things with which people can have fun, express themselves and gain a better understanding of the world. These include social platforms to facilitate creative expression, interactive systems revealing and operationalising complexity, websites and apps catering to niche interests and subcultures, and new forms of media suited to a post-digital world.

Our services include research, invention, design and development. We prefer to be involved in early stages of projects, working together with clients to develop briefs and concepts in workshops. We explore design directions through iterative development and the testing of prototypes. Our approach is a pragmatic blend of hands-on design and cutting-edge engineering performed by integrated teams of independent specialists.

Hubbub partners oversee the day-to-day operation of the studio and bring in associates on a per-project basis. This allows us to employ a wide range of skills and expertise on whatever challenge we may be presented with. We think this way of working is the future of the design studio.

We divide our time between client work and self-commissioned projects. We think as much as we make, and share our findings in talks and writings on our blog and elsewhere.

  • Kars Alfrink
    Kars Alfrink M.A.
    Founder, Partner & Principal Designer

    Kars Alfrink
    Alper Çugun M.Sc.
    Partner, Principal Technologist

    Sebastian Deterding
    Sebastian Deterding PhD
    Associate, gameful & playful design

    Joris Dormans
    Joris Dormans PhD
    Associate, game mechanics & procedural generation

    Ianus Keller
    Ianus Keller PhD
    Associate, hybrid products & tools for creativity