Engaging sleep mode

First of all, best wishes for the new year.

Before looking ahead, a quick look back. 2015 was great for us. In our end-of-year review of 2014 we said we wanted to balance creative success with more commercial success. And we did. Business was good in 2015. We did much more consulting compared to the year before and we worked on one big production project throughout the year. We also continued to find time to continue work on our own projects.

Not a bad place to start the new year, right? But after six years of running Hubbub we feel our configuration as a boutique playful design agency and perhaps more importantly the frames of ‘serious games’ and ‘gamification’ have outlived their usefulness. Paradoxically ‘games’ itself feels averse to our main interest: the role of play in the design of humane technology.

After some soul-searching we have decided to significantly scale back our day-to-day investment in the organisation. Effectively this means Hubbub is going into hibernation for the foreseeable future. We won’t take on new engagements in 2016. It goes without saying we will be honouring our prior commitments to clients and we will continue to promote and sell our own products Bycatch and Cuppings.

But the principals, that is to say me and Alper are free to pursue other paths. Alper has joined ResearchGate in Berlin as a software engineer. Kars is spending half a year in Singapore and has returned to freelance consulting.

We look back with great fondness on these past six years and are proud of all the work we have done. We are grateful to all the people who put their trust in us as clients and to all the people who chose to collaborate with us. The core of Hubbub may have remained tiny throughout the years but the circle of talented individuals who became part of our network has continuously grown and remains its greatest asset. A big thank you to everyone involved.

And finally our thanks to you dear reader for joining us on our journey for however long it has been. Here’s to new beginnings in 2016.

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