Hubbub is a play­ful design con­sultancy,
and a stu­dio for play­ful products.

The con­sultancy helps organ­isa­tions do things with games and play. We offer strategy, inven­tion and pro­to­typ­ing ser­vices which help deliver ser­i­ous games that are as enga­ging as they are edu­ca­tional, and gami­fic­a­tion that is genu­inely motiv­at­ing and liberating.

The stu­dio ini­ti­ates and pro­duces its own games, toys and other play­ful products, fre­quently in col­lab­or­a­tion with other inde­pend­ent makers, which are often crit­ical or exper­i­mental, and span the digital and the physical.

  • A Bycatch player surveilling an opponent's hand of cards


    A card game about flawed sur­veil­lance, impossible decisions, and the people caught in between.