Change Your World


Your World is the brand name of Rotterdam European Youth Capital 2009. Throughout the year, events are pro­duced for, by and with young people. One of those events is Change Your World which las­ted a week­end. 300 young people signed up, each want­ing to change the world for the bet­ter in a spe­cific way. On Saturday, they gave shape to their “move­ments” under the guid­ance of coaches and celebrit­ies. At the end of the day, the five most prom­ising move­ments were selec­ted to take part in a finale event on Sunday. This is where Hubbub came in.

The ‘Trade A Wish’ move­ment pre­par­ing their strategy


We were asked to cre­ate an urban game for the finale that would trans­form the Rotterdam city centre into a play­ground. Your World wanted to make sure the city would take notice of the event, it should be highly vis­ible. At the same time, the game should com­mu­nic­ate some of the val­ues at the core of Change Your World: any mean­ing­ful change is brought about by groups of people, work­ing together in the pur­suit of a com­mon goal. The game should also provide a frame­work for the cam­paign­ing the move­ments would be doing on Sunday.

Movement ‘Vertrouwen’ campaigning


Hubbub rap­idly developed sev­eral con­cepts for the game, that were refined in col­lab­or­a­tion with the cli­ent. Once we had decided on the game’s core mech­an­ics, flow and player exper­i­ence goals we were ready for design. We pro­to­typed and tested over nine dis­crete ver­sion of the game’s rules in an iter­at­ive man­ner. The game’s com­plex­ity was gradu­ally increased, so that we were sure it would be both deep and bal­anced. Once we were sat­is­fied the design would achieve both our client’s goals and offer a fun exper­i­ence to the play­ers, the rules were doc­u­mented, the exper­i­ence visu­al­ized and guidelines for the pro­duc­tion of the game were added. During the event, we co-ordinated the finale event: An MC kept the play­ers on track and enter­tained. Briefings were provided for both play­ers and crew, we acted as ref­er­ees and man­aged the event’s schedule.

The move­ments pre­par­ing for the start of the game at the base


The Change Your World urban game Hubbub cre­ated had move­ments bat­tling for ter­rit­ory in the Rotterdam city centre. Players bid for own­er­ship of 16 check­points spread across a 400 by 400 meter area by plant­ing flags. Whoever had the most flags at the end of a round was allowed to cam­paign at that spe­cific loc­a­tion. Each move­ment had nine flags to dis­trib­ute, and was allowed to have three play­ers in the field at any time. Players were allowed to hold only one flag at any time, and were for­bid­den to move flags of other move­ments. They had maps of the ter­rit­ory, and could com­mu­nic­ate over walkie-talkies.

The res­ult­ing game had play­ers frantic­ally run­ning around town in brightly col­oured out­fits with huge flags to match. Movements had to determ­ine which check­points they wanted to cam­paign at and co-ordinate dur­ing play to keep an over­view of the play-field. In this way, both the goal of mak­ing the event vis­ible in the city, and hav­ing par­ti­cipants exper­i­ence the value of col­lab­or­a­tion in a vis­ceral man­ner were fully met.

All pho­tos on this page were taken by Alper Çuğun.