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Pig Chase

Pig Chase is a game for pigs and humans, developed in collaboration with the Utrecht School of the Arts and Wageningen University. Its primary aim is to transform the way we relate to domesticated pigs, through play.

The above video serves to illustrate the game’s concept. In addition, a playable prototype was produced and tested, as shown in the video below.

More background on the project can be found at the Playing with Pigs project site. An archive with high resolution images is also available.

  • Project credits

    Many people have contributed to Pig Chase at various stages.

    The earliest concept was developed by Kars Alfrink, Irene van Peer and Marinka Copier in collaboration with Clemens Driessen and Marc Bracke.

    Hein Lagerweij joined the team for the concept video and has been involved ever since.

    The playable prototype was developed with help from Alper Cugun, Aduen Darriba and Peter Robinett.

    Throughout the project, we've had invaluable cooperation from Dick van der Vegt.

  • Best Practice

    Virtueel Platform—the sector institute for Dutch e-culture—has chosen Pig Chase for its Best Practice selection, which represents the best and most notable e-culture projects from the Netherlands.