Pig Chase

Pig Chase is a game for pigs and humans, developed in col­lab­or­a­tion with the Utrecht School of the Arts and Wageningen University. Its primary aim is to trans­form the way we relate to domest­ic­ated pigs, through play.

The above video serves to illus­trate the game’s concept. In addi­tion, a play­able pro­to­type was pro­duced and tested, as shown in the video below.

More back­ground on the pro­ject can be found at the Playing with Pigs pro­ject site. An archive with high res­ol­u­tion images is also available.

  • Project credits

    Many people have con­trib­uted to Pig Chase at vari­ous stages.

    The earli­est concept was developed by Kars Alfrink, Irene van Peer and Marinka Copier in col­lab­or­a­tion with Clemens Driessen and Marc Bracke.

    Hein Lagerweij joined the team for the concept video and has been involved ever since.

    The play­able pro­to­type was developed with help from Alper Cugun, Aduen Darriba and Peter Robinett.

    Throughout the pro­ject, we’ve had invalu­able cooper­a­tion from Dick van der Vegt.

  • Best Practice

    Virtueel Platform—the sec­tor insti­tute for Dutch e-culture—has chosen Pig Chase for its Best Practice selec­tion, which rep­res­ents the best and most not­able e-culture pro­jects from the Netherlands.