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Week 331

Hope you had a love­ly Christ­mas. Due to the hol­i­days this was a very short week for us. Alper con­tin­ued to put the final touch­es on an upcom­ing release of Cup­pings. He also ful­filled some more Bycatch orders. Oth­er than this we took care of some end-of-the-year admin­is­tra­tive stuff and that’s about it. Have a good […]

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Week 278–280

HNY! Well, we have three weeks worth of notes to catch up on. Week 278 got stuck in the mail because I was a bit too eager to dive into my Christ­mas hol­i­day. Week 279 and 280 were unevent­ful, as is to be expect­ed this time of year. Let’s get into it. I wrapped up and […]

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Goat rodeo, issue games, and Bycatch

When Sub­alekha was pre­sent­ing Bycatch at Play­ful back in Octo­ber 2014, at some point Ian Wil­ley tweet­ed the fol­low­ing: I was intrigued by the expres­sion “goat rodeo” and imme­di­ate­ly looked it up. It turns out Ian was­n’t refer­ring to games about chas­ing goats with las­sos. In stead, he’s talk­ing about sit­u­a­tions that I tend to […]

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Week 231

Last week both Alper and I were almost ful­ly occu­pied with wrap­ping up CHUTORO. On Mon­day, I built a deck of slides pro­vid­ing a ratio­nale for the design while Alper put the fin­ish­ing touch­es on the pro­to­type. On Tues­day, we both trav­eled to Karl­sruhe. I read a lot of Metaphors We Live By. I believe […]

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