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‘New Games for a Resilient Society’ at TEDxUtrecht 2012

A few weeks ago I presented at TEDxUtrecht. I talked about crises, unknown-unknowns and the notion of anti-fragility—how we might be better able to deal with the unpredictable if we were to hone our improvisation skills. To this end, I suggest a specific class of games as training grounds, for which I borrow the term ‘new games’. I also explain why serious games and gamification won’t do for the class of problems I am interested in, because they are prescriptive in stead of generative. Familiar stuff if you’ve been following our thinking here over the past few years. But it’s condensed into just nine minutes and I think it came out rather well.

I am not writing up the whole talk but in stead I am posting the video and the bare slides. This is a divergence from my usual practice, but I hope you’ll excuse my laziness. I have however added links to all the sources implicitly referenced. For photo credits, please refer to the links in the slides themselves. As always, if you’ve enjoyed this, then you might want to have a look at these previous talks.




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