Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 166-167

I was away on holiday the previous week, so these notes on the week prior to that are a bit late. I’ll keep it short so we can get back into the rhythm of things.

Most of the week my time went into administrative things, business development and some legal stuff. Just basically me wearing my studio manager’s hat a lot. Which is typical of a week before closing shop. The fact that Alper would be away on much deserved R&R in Oz for the next three weeks only increased the need for getting some things sorted.

On Monday, the University Museum published the press release for Beestenbende (in Dutch). Since October 12 you can head to the museum and play the game on one of the iPods available at the reception. I’m really pleased to have this out in the world now.

That same day I spent about an hour on the Neude being photographed for the interview in Trajectum – the Utrecht University of Applied Science’s magazine. I don’t usually enjoy these affairs but Kees Rutten made me stand in the middle of bicycle traffic in the hopes of an interesting shot spontaneously emerging. As you can imagine, that made it somewhat more enjoyable. The interview and accompanying photo have since been published. It came out rather nice:

On Tuesday I spent some more time on my TEDxUtrecht talk. I finalized the slides and started rehearsing. Less than two weeks to go. I’m looking forward to it.

On Thursday, I headed to Amsterdam together with Simon and Ulla to attend De Gids‘s 175th anniversary and witness the unveiling of Victory Boogie Woogie – the literary game we’re making with them. Dirk Sr. & Dirk Jr. did a good job of piquing people’s curiosity. They talked about some of the thinking behind the project and of course could only go into the working of the game in general terms. The mockups prepared by Simon did a good job of giving a sense of how the game might turn out:

IMG 1765

The same night in Berlin, Alper presented his synthesis of two years of Hubbub thinking at Ignite. An enjoyable romp through some big ideas, here’s the video:

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