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‘Love in Times of Gamification’ at NEXT Berlin

This talk originated from a topic that had occupied me for a while. It seems I’m not the only one if I have to judge from stories told to me by friends. Love and dating online has grown to be a very large market with cutthroat competition and a lot of pressure to try out persuasive and gameful interaction patterns.

I was convinced there was a story here and I am grateful I was accepted to tell it at NEXT Berlin. A more thorough treatment of this topic is forthcoming, but below you can find the video of my presentation at the conference:

As you can see from the examples, there is a lot of terrain beyond the casual games and online dating areas and a lot of opportunity to come up with new things. The Pair thumbkiss – however simple it may look – is a notable innovation in a field that is mired with many of the same social networking patterns.

But my personal favorites among the list of examples are the physical games such as the brilliant Fingle and the hilarious Sword Fight. For games that already live in the real world, breaking through boundaries is a given. But the games and services that are now wholly virtual will need to think of ways to break out and create physical consequences.

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