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Play with our paper toy at Game in the City

Hubbub cards

If you’re attend­ing Game in the City this thurs­day and fri­day, keep an eye out for a lit­tle toy we’ll be hand­ing out to all atten­dants. The event orga­ni­za­tion com­mis­sioned us to design some­thing for a light-weight play­ful expe­ri­ence.1 We came up with a set of small col­lectible paper cards with a twist. Hope­ful­ly it’ll per­suade you into a bit of play, with­out get­ting in the way of all the oth­er impor­tant stuff you’ll need to do (like, you know, talk to peo­ple and soak up all the good ses­sions on offer.) So it’s part game design exper­i­ment (agents of Hub­bub will be present to observe), part call­ing-card (there’s a bit you can keep in case you’d like to get in touch with us) and we’re excit­ed about releas­ing it into the wild.2

How it works

You might feel inclined to take pho­tos of this lit­tle paper toy. If you do, post it to Flickr and use the con­fer­ence tag “gitc2009”. (And while you’re at it, be sure to use ours too. That’s “what­s­the­hub­bub”.)

We hope to see you in Amers­foort and would be delight­ed to hear your thoughts on the toy!

  1. Thank you to Roger ter Hei­de for giv­ing us the oppor­tu­ni­ty. []
  2. Stay tuned for a future post that will look at the process behind this project. []
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