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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Week 214

While I was com­ing down from my cold, Kars spent the week criss­cross­ing the Nether­lands attend­ing meet­ings of var­i­ous kinds. One such meet­ing was about the future of edu­ca­tion in a tru­ly idyl­lic loca­tion pic­tured below. ASARI is in its final phase, run­ning through spread­sheets to see how the design will work out with real world […]

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Week 213

This was one of those in-between weeks so I’ll keep things short. I wrote up and pub­lished a project page for Rip­ple Effect. This was a very inter­est­ing and reward­ing engage­ment with Shell, which we hope will see fol­low-up in the next year. Alper returned from Japan. I updat­ed him of the things that went down […]

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Week 212

On Mon­day last week I returned from a fun stay in War­saw. That same day, I attend­ed This hap­pened – Utrecht #17. As almost always, the talks were love­ly hon­est accounts of how things were made. I was par­tic­u­lar­ly tak­en with Mieke Mei­jer’s sto­ry about her dis­cov­ery of a wood-like mate­r­i­al made of old newspapers. […]

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Week 211

Last week, Alper was away on hol­i­day in Japan, mak­ing a coura­geous effort to drink all the cof­fee in Japan. His trav­els con­tin­ue this week, let’s hope he does not spon­ta­neous­ly com­bust. I was joined by Simon on Tues­day for a day of work on ASARI. We detailed the design of the toy­like inter­ac­tive infographics […]

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Week 210

Last Mon­day I was in Utrecht to work on site with Kars and take care of some for­mal­i­ties we had pre­pared when Kars was in Berlin. On Tues­day while I was in the train back, Kars was in Ams­ter­dam catch­ing up with a bunch of good friends (some­thing I had done the night before by […]

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