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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Week 266

I spent the first half of last week writ­ing stuff for sev­er­al poten­tial projects that are in the pipeline for the end of 2014 and the begin­ning of 2015. Kars was most­ly occu­pied with redesign­ing and pro­duc­ing stuff for KEGANI. The cur­rent title for the project is “Bycatch” which feels like it could be defin­i­tive. All […]

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Week 265

Kars spent last week in between two major events hav­ing just fin­ished Cam­parc he pre­pared some play­ful work­shops to run at the open­ing of Vecht­club XL, our Utrecht base of oper­a­tions. One of these was an iter­a­tion on our Play­ing with Rules work­shop but made acces­si­ble for a larg­er audi­ence. Think Parcheesi meets Nom­ic. We […]

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Week 264

The delayed arrival of these notes should tell you some­thing about what kind of week last week was: busy. For me, it was all about deliv­er­ing and run­ning Cam­parc. We’ll write more about it soon and are also sift­ing through our copi­ous pho­tos and videos. For now, suf­fice to say we had a more or less […]

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Week 263

Last week was the penul­ti­mate week for Cam­parc so every­body was heav­i­ly involved in work on that. I did research on how to get videostream­ing to work on OS X whose capa­bil­i­ties seem to have seri­ous­ly regressed. I built a cus­tom app using VLCK­it that does what we want it to do. Aldo Hoeben worked […]

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Week 262

This week I was joined in Utrecht by Alper who had just returned from his hol­i­day in the Aus­tri­an Alps. Most of our time was spent on Cam­parc again. Aldo start­ed work on the four balls we’ll need for the main event. Alper assist­ed him with soft­ware devel­op­ment to get the video streams from the balls […]

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