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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Week 141

We’re try­ing to focus on a few projects late­ly. The idea is to have few­er things going on at the same time, so that each gets the atten­tion we feel it deserves. Last week this renewed focus payed off. We got a lot of work done on both Saba and Kani and I feel good […]

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Week 140

Work on Saba con­tin­ued apace this week. We have one more week to go before the next playtest. So Hanne did some final adjust­ments on copy and Karel pro­duced the last bits of art need­ed for the final stages of the game. I’ve been spend­ing most of my time inte­grat­ing all of that in the […]

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Week 139

We had a short work­week here because of East­er. So things only kicked off on Tues­day. Some things to report: Kani: Togeth­er with Hanne I attempt­ed to syn­the­size some of the major require­ments and we gen­er­at­ed some addi­tion­al game ideas on Tues­day. On Thurs­day, with Her­man, Tjerk-Jan and Hanne I worked on the pro­gram for […]

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Week 138

Our two projects Saba and Kani have tak­en up almost all of our atten­tion this week. A quick run­down of both fol­lows. Saba is a game for the Utrecht Uni­ver­si­ty Muse­um. Fam­i­lies vis­it­ing the muse­um play using one iPhone while explor­ing its rooms. We are ini­tial­ly focus­ing on its cab­i­net of curiosi­ties. The goal is […]

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Week 137

We’re near­ing anoth­er playtest for Saba so most of our time last week was tak­en up with pro­duc­tion on a new pro­to­type. We drew up an asset list to guide Karel’s work on art. This in turn lead to some tweaks of my sketch­es. Mean­while Hanne put more time into the copy. Erwin wrote up […]

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