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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Week 166–167

I was away on hol­i­day the pre­vi­ous week, so these notes on the week pri­or to that are a bit late. I’ll keep it short so we can get back into the rhythm of things. Most of the week my time went into admin­is­tra­tive things, busi­ness devel­op­ment and some legal stuff. Just basi­cal­ly me wearing […]

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Week 165

My streak of talks con­tin­ued last week with a brief appear­ance on Mon­day at Play­ing City, an install­ment of City Think Lab, which has been chart­ing the var­i­ous ways of think­ing about cities over the course of the past year. I dis­cussed our gen­er­al approach for design­ing games for cities, and in par­tic­u­lar on what […]

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Beestenbende technical wrap-up

I usu­al­ly tell peo­ple that devel­op­ing games is the most chal­leng­ing and also the most reward­ing dis­ci­pline in pro­gram­ming out there. You get to solve real­ly rather dif­fi­cult prob­lems with aston­ish­ing reg­u­lar­i­ty and every­thing you can squeeze out of the tech­ni­cal envi­ron­ment has a sig­nif­i­cant impact on the play­er expe­ri­ence. That makes it a bit […]

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Week 164

At the start of last week, I pre­pared for and deliv­ered a num­ber of pre­sen­ta­tions at TFI’s inspi­ra­tion day about games & her­itage. The first was a short case as part of a ses­sion lead by Valen­ti­jn Byvanck, about ways in which games might enrich a hypo­thet­i­cal car muse­um. This ses­sion was aimed at identifying […]

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‘The Strange Things People Play’ at the Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Here’s the blog post ver­sion of what I talked about at Play­ing in Pub­lic, the Hide&Seek Week­ender Con­fer­ence. It’s titled The Strange Things Peo­ple Play, which was an oblique ref­er­ence to this pas­sage from The Hitch­hik­er’s Guide to the Galaxy: “I know that astrol­o­gy isn’t a sci­ence,” said Gail. “Of course it isn’t. It’s just […]

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Week 163

It’s already Wednes­day so let me quick­ly share with you some of the things that hap­pened last week. On Tues­day I jumped in a Green­wheels and did a lit­tle tour of the Nether­lands. First stop was Apel­doorn for a talk about how we made Code 4. This was part of the annu­al Week of Inspi­ra­tion, organized […]

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