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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Week 226

These will be the final wee­knotes for 2013. We’re putting the stu­dio in sta­tion­ary until Jan­u­ary 6. The last prop­er work­week was a mean one though, let me tell you… On Mon­day, I was fran­ti­cal­ly sketch­ing out sce­nar­ios for CHUTORO while Alper wrote up each con­cept. He did the same for KAZUNOKO. Alper has a particular […]

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Week 225

Last week was filled with high inten­si­ty ideation for which Kars was present at our Berlin out­post at KANT. We filled the week with hard work and refu­eled on the great food avail­able near our stu­dio on Oranien­straße. I vis­it­ed the Berlin IoT meet­up on Mon­day before pick­ing up Kars from the air­port. We spent […]

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A tiny coffee tasting game for you to print and play

Before Simon, Alper and I launched our lit­tle cof­fee guide as a side project, Cup­pings was going to be a cof­fee tast­ing diary. And some­where in between the diary and the guide, I got intrigued by the idea of a cof­fee tast­ing game. So, with help from Alper, I decid­ed to make one and here […]

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Week 224

Mon­day Kars prepped a KAZUNOKO ses­sion with some games to play both to serve as an ice­break­er and to show the breadth of expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble in games. For this the clas­sic This Is My Nose and the card game Sco­pa proved to be a great fit. If you have nev­er played This Is My Nose […]

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Video of our Playing with Rules workshop at Mozilla Festival 2013

This Octo­ber Kars and I were in Lon­don (see notes for that week) to do a work­shop titled Play­ing with Rules at Mozil­la Fes­ti­val among many oth­er things. We mod­i­fied an exer­cise we had used pre­vi­ous­ly in a work­shop with Sebas­t­ian Deter­d­ing. The task is to take Parcheesi and mod­i­fy it to address a social […]

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Week 223

I spent a fair part of last week video edit­ing the results of the work­shop we did at the Mozil­la Fes­ti­val in Lon­don a cou­ple of weeks ago. Edit­ing demoes into some­thing con­cise with­out los­ing the essence is a very time con­sum­ing but fun process. We’ll share the video as soon as we get a […]

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