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Week 179

This will be some short notes where I had been floored by flu over the week­end and Kars spent most of his time in Utrecht push­ing every­thing along for the con­cept pre­sen­ta­tion of KAIGARA. Since this week you can also reg­is­ter for updates on the Game­ful World, the book Kars is con­tribut­ing to. In between everything […]

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Join us in Utrecht for FRIDAYS AT 7

So it’s time for a new thing, some­thing that will pos­si­bly turn into a irreg­u­lar­ly recur­ring get-togeth­­er for friends of the stu­dio. We’ve bor­rowed the name—FRIDAYS AT 7—from the drinks Urban­scale orga­nizes in NYC. With per­mis­sion, of course, as can be told from this exchange on Twit­ter: @kaeru Do what thou wilt shall be the […]

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Week 178

So it’s been a snowy week here in Utrecht—and I’m pret­ty sure it’s been more than chilly in Berlin too. We start­ed the week ear­li­er than usu­al, on Sun­day, with myself plug­ging away at a revised chap­ter for the Game­ful World book—trying to cram in as many ref­er­ences as I could, and gen­er­al­ly clar­i­fy­ing and […]

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Week 177

Kars said it was my turn to write wee­knotes, so here I am. I’ll be tak­ing them up more reg­u­lar­ly from now on. At the start of the week we put up a notice about open­ings for res­i­dents at our Utrecht stu­dio. If you’re inter­est­ed in shar­ing the space, ideas and cof­fee, feel wel­come to reply. […]

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Become a Hubbub Utrecht studio resident

Look­ing for a new work­space? If you’re a design­er or tech­nol­o­gist work­ing in the areas of games, design, urban­ism or social change we’d love to have you as a res­i­dent. We have two work­places avail­able in our Utrecht stu­dio and would like to make them avail­able to inde­pen­dent cre­atives who share our inter­ests. You’ll work […]

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Week 176

And we’re back. Hope you had a good Christ­mas break. In between the usu­al fam­i­ly vis­its, I most­ly sat on the couch and read comics—while occa­sion­al­ly receiv­ing mis­sives from Alper, who dis­cov­ered Berlin effec­tive­ly shuts down over the hol­i­days. Or has he put it on Twit­ter: “If New York is the city that nev­er sleeps, […]

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