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Five Behaviour Design Principles You Never Suspected Would Work

A while ago, I was invit­ed by friend-of-the-stu­­dio Iskan­der Smit to speak at a Behav­ior Design Ams­ter­dam meet­up. Much of our work is relat­ed to behav­iour change, but we try to steer clear of the reduc­tion­ist think­ing that is quite preva­lent in the field. So I decid­ed to use the oppor­tu­ni­ty of pre­sent­ing to a […]

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Week 248

Most of last week for all of us was spent on Stand­ing, our app for play­ful activism which saw pub­lic release (announce­ment). Respons­es have been more than pos­i­tive and we have had peo­ple stand­ing from all over the world already. One of our biggest inspi­ra­tions, Bernie De Koven called it an exam­ple of inac­tivism. We […]

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Week 237

On Mon­day I got sev­er­al vis­its from friends, fam­i­ly and col­leagues, all curi­ous about my new work­space. It was enjoyable—we even played some Ani­mal Upon Ani­mal with Eel­co’s kids—but not con­ducive to much pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. I main­ly did finan­cial and admin­is­tra­tive tasks. Alper, mean­while, returned from a much-deserved long week­end relax­ing (and drink­ing cof­fee) in Oslo. He […]

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Week 232

Last week was a bit of an in between week for us prepar­ing for some changes that will realign Hub­bub in 2014. One such change is Kars mov­ing his stu­dio out of the Dutch Game Gar­den into a hold­ing state before he moves into Vecht­club XL. Vecht­club and Vecht­club XL togeth­er are one of the most […]

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Week 231

Last week both Alper and I were almost ful­ly occu­pied with wrap­ping up CHUTORO. On Mon­day, I built a deck of slides pro­vid­ing a ratio­nale for the design while Alper put the fin­ish­ing touch­es on the pro­to­type. On Tues­day, we both trav­eled to Karl­sruhe. I read a lot of Metaphors We Live By. I believe […]

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Week 230

Last week went by pret­ty quick­ly and by now it turns out we are almost through this week already before I had a chance to write the wee­knotes. In brief: we were ful­ly engaged prepar­ing deliv­er­ables for CHUTORO. Kars spent a lot of time knee deep in sci­en­tif­ic mod­els to fur­ther ground our design work. […]

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Week 229

This was was the first full work­week of the year, which meant it was time to review our work of 2013 and set goals for 2014. To this end, Alper trav­eled to Utrecht and on Mon­day we sat down and strate­gised. We’re still using Google’s OKR method, which con­tin­ues to be a use­ful and relatively […]

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Week 228

So we’re back from break and man­aged to get some projects wrapped up just around the turn of the year which is a great way to start with a clean slate. I’m writ­ing this from the Nether­lands where I’m keep­ing touch with the moth­er­land though I can’t wait to be back in Berlin. We wrote […]

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Week 226

These will be the final wee­knotes for 2013. We’re putting the stu­dio in sta­tion­ary until Jan­u­ary 6. The last prop­er work­week was a mean one though, let me tell you… On Mon­day, I was fran­ti­cal­ly sketch­ing out sce­nar­ios for CHUTORO while Alper wrote up each con­cept. He did the same for KAZUNOKO. Alper has a particular […]

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Week 225

Last week was filled with high inten­si­ty ideation for which Kars was present at our Berlin out­post at KANT. We filled the week with hard work and refu­eled on the great food avail­able near our stu­dio on Oranien­straße. I vis­it­ed the Berlin IoT meet­up on Mon­day before pick­ing up Kars from the air­port. We spent […]

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