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Drifting through the city with a few bocce balls

On a recent sun­ny Sun­day after­noon I took a walk while boulesing through Utrecht. Togeth­er with a group of friends I used a num­ber of streets and squares as a play­ing field. The water-lev­­el walk­ways along the Old Canal, the foun­tain behind the city hall, and the usu­al­ly qui­et Sev­en Alleys. Passers­by respond­ed with amusement […]

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Cheating by the rules in Pirateball and Illuminati

One of the design­ers of the game Pirate­ball describes it as “extreme­ly stu­pid”. I recent­ly ran it at a games fes­ti­val and dis­cov­ered that it’s also craft­ed quite clev­er­ly. Pirate base­ball To poten­tial play­ers I always say that it’s base­ball as pirates play it. Then you get an idea. That’s the first trick: the name […]

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You don’t put a game in a computer; my first column for Bashers

Here’s the first col­umn I’ve writ­ten for Bash­ers, the pre­mier source of games jour­nal­ism in the Nether­lands. I’m plan­ning to devote sub­se­quent columns to dis­cus­sions of oth­er per­va­sive games. Many thanks to Niels ‘t Hooft for indulging me. Do you know a game called Cru­el 2 B Kind? It works like this: the goal is […]

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