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PRACTICE 2014 recap

This year’s PRACTICE, the game design con­fer­ence at NYU Game­cen­ter, was as great as expect­ed. It’s real­ly nice to be sur­round­ed by game design­ers for a cou­ple of days and to be able to dis­cuss game design in detail. As Frank Lantz put it in the intro­duc­tion: “Game design is a sick­ness and the only […]

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Week 178

So it’s been a snowy week here in Utrecht—and I’m pret­ty sure it’s been more than chilly in Berlin too. We start­ed the week ear­li­er than usu­al, on Sun­day, with myself plug­ging away at a revised chap­ter for the Game­ful World book—trying to cram in as many ref­er­ences as I could, and gen­er­al­ly clar­i­fy­ing and […]

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Upcoming public appearances

Hey every­one, we have a num­ber of events where we’ll be talk­ing or show­ing things or run­ning games. I thought I’d list them here for your con­ve­nience. First off, Alper will give a sneak peak of Beesten­bende (project Saba) to devel­op­ers at the Berlin iOS User Group. That’s tonight so you might read this too […]

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Week 155

We’re get­ting into the rhythm of things with Buta. Last week we had our first prop­er standup meet­ing. Although it’s hard to tell if there was any actu­al stand­ing up. The team’s dis­trib­uted, so we chat­ted over Skype. Any­way, these should now hap­pen each week on Mon­day and will help us get to a playable […]

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A video of the Code 4 player experience

It’s not always easy com­mu­ni­cat­ing what the games we make feel like. Many of them take place as much off the screen as on, or employ no major visu­al media what­so­ev­er. So there are no screen­shots to post that would give you an impres­sion of the play­er expe­ri­ence. This cer­tain­ly applies to Code 4, the […]

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A roundup of Code 4 publicity

We’ve been talk­ing about Code 4 at var­i­ous venues the past few months. So I thought I should col­lect the results from those events here, in case you’ve missed them the first time around. Code 4 is the large-scale game for orga­ni­za­tion­al game we made for the Dutch Tax Admin­is­tra­tion in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Demo­vides and […]

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Speaking about Code 4 at Think Design Play, the DiGRA conference

This year the DiGRA con­fer­ence will take place 14–17 sep­tem­ber in Hil­ver­sum, the Nether­lands. My alma mater, the Utrecht School of the Arts, is host­ing. We couldn’t resist sub­mit­ting a prac­tice paper on Code 4, the game we made for the Dutch Tax Admin­is­tra­tion.1 It got accept­ed, so I’m speak­ing. The pro­gram is packed with […]

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Six games about architecture

I went look­ing for a few recent exam­ples of games that deal with archi­tec­tur­al themes in some way. I pulled these most­ly from a few of the major street games fes­ti­vals that are out there, such as Come Out & Play, Hide & Seek, Igfest and You Are GO! Just from this small sam­ple size it […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro, part 3

Project Maguro is fin­ished and on this Mon­day, we’re doing a quick eval­u­a­tion. Enter­ing the war room pro­vides us with an inter­est­ing sen­sa­tion. It’s as if we can still smell the gun pow­der. Hear explo­sions faint­ly, in the dis­tance — but only when lis­ten­ing intent­ly. Sit­ting down, it feels like we’re expect­ed to start crunching […]

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Talking about Code 4 at Chi Sparks

Our long­time col­lab­o­ra­tor Alper Çuğun will be at Chi Ned­er­land’s bi-annu­al con­fer­ence to talk about Code 4 (for­mer­ly referred to as Maguro). Code 4 is a per­va­sive game we cre­at­ed for the Dutch Tax Admin­is­tra­tion with the aim of ignit­ing orga­ni­za­tion­al change. Chi Sparks is a con­fer­ence that focuss­es on “the very impor­tant con­tri­bu­tions that […]

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