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Join us for a game of Bocce Drift

Rooftop bocce

So we have five sets of boc­ce balls lying around (or jeu de boules, as we like to call the game in the Nether­lands). They’re left over from our lit­tle stint at NU Grounds. We were plan­ning to run Boc­ce Drift there, but did not get around to it. So let’s play it any­way, in Utrecht, on Sun­day 22 August, start­ing at 15:00 hours at the Neude square. Every­one’s invit­ed, includ­ing you.1 Sign up for the game at the even­t’s Face­book page.

What is Boc­ce Drift? I guess it is best described as a mashup of boules, and the Sit­u­a­tion­ist Dérive. Each round of play picks up where the last one end­ed, so you’re lead through the city by the course of the balls… Who knows where we’ll end up?

It was designed by David Jimi­son and Jeff Crouse2 and I think first played at Come Out and Play 2007. You can read the rules on the won­der­ful Ludoc­i­ty site — which fea­tures many oth­er great games. But don’t wor­ry, we’ll explain how to play at the event.

What else? Ah yes, there’ll be drinks after­wards and you get extra points if you wear a sil­ly hat. Hope to see you there!

  1. This way, at least I did not make a fool of myself by reliev­ing the local toy shop of all their boc­ce sets for noth­ing. []
  2. Thanks for shar­ing the game with us, guys. []
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