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Games for Tweetakt 2012 announced

Today the pro­gram for the 2012 edi­tion of Twee­t­akt Fes­ti­val has gone live. I just want­ed to draw your atten­tion to the great games I select­ed to be put on dis­play at the main fes­ti­val pavilion:

  • Fin­gle by Game Oven; like Twister for your fin­gers with a Bar­ry White feel.
  • Hokra by Ramiro Cor­bet­ta; two-ver­sus-two play­er min­i­mal­ist dig­i­tal sports game with more depth than you’d think.
  • Johann Sebas­t­ian Joust by Die Gute Fab­rik; a decep­tive­ly sim­ple phys­i­cal game set to music by Bach that makes inven­tive use of PlaySta­tion Move controllers.
  • Room Rac­ers by Lieven van Velthoven; rac­ing game played on a course made with phys­i­cal object placed on the ground.

You’ll notice all of these are mul­ti­play­er games, and many have an open­ness to them that allows for inven­tive­ness and cre­ativ­i­ty from play­ers. That’s a sort of theme that emerged while work­ing on the selec­tion with the folks at Twee­t­akt. It’s very dif­fer­ent from last year, which involved many instal­la­tions.1

These will all be playable from March 23 to April 1 on the Neude square in Utrecht, the Nether­lands. If you man­age to vis­it Twee­t­akt, I hope you’ll enjoy playing.

  1. That’s not a val­ue judge­ment, just a shift of inter­est on our side. []
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