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Become a Hubbub Utrecht studio resident

Become a Hubbub studio resident

Look­ing for a new work­space? If you’re a design­er or tech­nol­o­gist work­ing in the areas of games, design, urban­ism or social change we’d love to have you as a res­i­dent. We have two work­places avail­able in our Utrecht stu­dio and would like to make them avail­able to inde­pen­dent cre­atives who share our inter­ests. You’ll work inde­pen­dent­ly on your own projects, but we’ll also explore collaborations—for clients & for self-com­mis­sioned work. In any case, phys­i­cal prox­im­i­ty will ensure we share ample ideas and experiences.

This is not a coworking/desksharing scheme. You’ll have your own per­ma­nent spot in the stu­dio. Your own desk, some shelves, and your very own pin­board. You’ll basi­cal­ly have every­thing you need to do actu­al design work, as opposed to ‘cloud work­er’ type stuff you’d also be able to do in your local cof­fee house.

The going month­ly rate for a work­place is €250,- (exclud­ing 21% VAT). We’ll pro­vide you with a decent chair and a hand­made desk designed by Pony Design Club. Inter­net etc. is includ­ed, as well as use of our big meet­ing table. We’re res­i­dents of the Dutch Game Gar­den, so you’ll also ben­e­fit from their facil­i­ties and net­work. Beat that!

If you’re inter­est­ed, send an email to kars at this domain. We’ll set up a meet­ing to get acquaint­ed, show you the space and fig­ure out if things will work for the both of us.

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