Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 176

And we’re back. Hope you had a good Christ­mas break. In between the usu­al fam­i­ly vis­its, I most­ly sat on the couch and read comics—while occa­sion­al­ly receiv­ing mis­sives from Alper, who dis­cov­ered Berlin effec­tive­ly shuts down over the holidays.

Or has he put it on Twitter:

Good thing he was ill for most of his break.

So, this week was a short one, as it start­ed on Wednes­day. I got right back into the sad­dle thanks to an inten­sive KAIGARA ses­sion with Her­man in which we reflect­ed on the first work­shop and made plans for the sec­ond one.

To off­set the excite­ment of a num­ber of unin­ter­rupt­ed hours of being cre­ative, I fin­ished 2012’s finan­cials right after.

On Thurs­day I got back into my Game­ful World chap­ter, hav­ing received feed­back from the edi­tors as well as sug­ges­tions from Alper. I’ve got my work cut out for me—rewriting is much slow­er going than doing an ini­tial draft—but it is clear to me the whole thing will ben­e­fit from the effort tremendously.

Today, I got back to KAIGARA, try­ing to nail down the basic game con­cept that will form the basis for a first phys­i­cal pro­to­type. After a few pomodor­os of sketch­ing, and a quick call with Alper in Berlin, I think we are on to some­thing. Now to give it hands and feet.

Back to my usual thing (want to do more sketching in 2013)

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