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New tables

Action stations

I’m writ­ing this from behind a new desk. These were designed by my broth­er Ties. He’d done a pair of desks for BUROPONY before and when I saw his new design for a meet­ing table I asked him to also make a small­er ver­sion that could be used as a desk.

Early model

The design is rem­i­nis­cent of those wood­en dinosaur skele­tons. All the parts are milled from birch wood plates and slide into place with­out the need for glue, nails or screws.

Wooden dinosaur skeleton


We did have to sand them down and lac­quer them, though. That was a bit more work than I had expect­ed… (Good thing I had help from my broth­er and sister.)

Maggie and Ties sanding

There was a bit of space left on some of the plates, so we also made mon­i­tor stands that can hold a stack of A4 sized paper.

Monitor stand

I think they look real­ly neat and I can tell you they’re a plea­sure to work from. I love the nat­ur­al unfin­ished look, and the feel of the wood grain. Here’s a few more shots.

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