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Week 226

These will be the final wee­knotes for 2013. We’re putting the stu­dio in sta­tion­ary until Jan­u­ary 6. The last prop­er work­week was a mean one though, let me tell you…

On Mon­day, I was fran­ti­cal­ly sketch­ing out sce­nar­ios for CHUTORO while Alper wrote up each con­cept. He did the same for KAZUNOKO. Alper has a par­tic­u­lar knack for com­ing up with catchy con­cept titles. That day I also had a meet­ing with Irene and Clemens to dis­cuss the future of Pig Chase.

Tues­day, we met with Niels to review his and our work on KAZUNOKO so far and to talk about how we were going to do the con­cept review meet­ing that Thursday.

After­wards Alper and I both hopped on a train to Karl­sruhe from Berlin and Utrecht respec­tive­ly. Dur­ing the ride I worked on fin­ish­ing the CHUTORO deck. I also start­ed doing quick sketch­es for KAZUNOKO using a Japan­ese brush pen on index cards, a bit of a chal­lenge giv­en the unex­pect­ed bumpi­ness of the ICE’s ride. Alper did some more writ­ing for KAZUNOKO in the meantime.

Iron­i­cal­ly, Karl­sruhe is a bit clos­er to Utrecht than Berlin so while Alper was still on his way I checked into the hotel and imme­di­ate­ly took a taxi to neigh­bour­ing Durlach. There I caught up with the GEE­lab team at a medeaval Christ­mas mar­ket. We had glüh­wein and flammkuchen.

On Wednes­day we spent the whole day at GEE­lab, who have their offices in a con­vert­ed slaugh­ter­house filled with ship­ping con­tain­ers. In a few of these con­tain­ers we pre­sent­ed the results of our first CHUTORO con­cept sprint and cri­tiqued the work of oth­er stu­dios who are also par­tic­i­pat­ing in the project. These things are always chal­leng­ing, but reward­ing. I look for­ward to our sec­ond sprint, which we’ll start in the new year.


The next day I took an ear­ly train back to Utrecht. Dur­ing the ride I fin­ished the final draw­ings for KAZUNOKO and built a deck of slides. Upon arrival I more or less imme­di­ate­ly trav­eled to Bilthoven where I met Niels and pre­sent­ed our work. The ideas elicit­ed a good amount of response from the peo­ple at RIVM. Next, we’ll process their feed­back, elab­o­rate on a few promis­ing ideas and doc­u­ment it all for future reference.

As I’m sure you can imag­ine, by the time Fri­day rolled around we were rather pooped and so took it easy. I was inter­viewed for a report on Vic­to­ry Boo­gie Woo­gie. We sur­veyed all the work on deck and dis­cussed its sta­tus in a video call. Then, we wished each oth­er hap­py hol­i­days, and called it a day, a week and a year.

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