Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 228

So we’re back from break and man­aged to get some projects wrapped up just around the turn of the year which is a great way to start with a clean slate. I’m writ­ing this from the Nether­lands where I’m keep­ing touch with the moth­er­land though I can’t wait to be back in Berlin.

We wrote up and sent out the final doc­u­ment for KAZUNOKO which is meant to be used for the fol­low­ing steps of the project. A design project like this is a lot of fun for the breadth of ideas you explore and the poten­tial of the var­i­ous con­cepts. The final doc­u­ment con­tains all of them so as not to pre­ma­ture­ly close off any poten­tial avenues of exploration.

We have shipped a final update for Beesten­bende with a fix for a tena­cious last bug in it so the iPad ready ver­sion of the game should make its way into the muse­um pret­ty soon now.

And we wrote up our inter­me­di­ary con­cepts for the CHUTORO project which we’re about to dive into again right about now.

Kars made an end of year list and col­lect­ed all of our Recess! posts from ear­li­er this year. Writ­ing some­thing like this reg­u­lar­ly bored me quick­ly but look­ing at the col­lec­tion I’m pret­ty proud of what we man­aged to churn out.

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