Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 303

Last week Kars talked with the Air­borne Muse­um about the upcom­ing playtest for SHACHI and also demoed our progress to the client. We are plan­ning a minor pol­ish sprint while we wait for that playtest.

Kars also attend­ed the Hack­ing Habi­tat life-hack marathon about debt and facil­i­tat­ed a ses­sion of Play­ing with Rules for a group of peo­ple involved with the subject.

In my absence Kars pre­pared the kick-off work­shop for our new project KOKORO where we will use the engage­ment loops mod­el to found our design with.

Hubbub Nerd 101

In media appear­ances: both of us are fea­tured sep­a­rate­ly in Vrij Ned­er­land’s rank­ing of the Nether­land­s’s top 101 nerds. We are hon­oured, kind of.

Presenting at ÜBERALL in Vienna

I spent last week in Vien­na from Tues­day onwards to present at the ÜBERALL app con­gress about play­ful design. I com­bined the vis­it with a fact-find­ing mis­sion for Cup­pings which proved to be extreme­ly fruit­ful. I drank lots of cof­fee in Vien­na’s excel­lent third wave cof­fee bars while prepar­ing my presentation.

I then took the train to Ams­ter­dam at the end of the week for a week of client engage­ments and pro­duc­tion work in the Netherlands.

Keep an eye out for Code­pot a work­shop con­fer­ence in War­saw this August where I will be giv­ing a work­shop on user engage­ment and app design.

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