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Week 307

Last week Kars was on some­thing of a road show trav­el­ing the length of the Nether­lands for projects old and new. At the same time I was in the stu­dio work­ing with tech­nol­o­gy. Kars went to Tilburg to pitch suc­cess­ful­ly for fur­ther fund­ing on SHIJIMI. Now that that cycle is closed we can move forward […]

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Slack’s emoji reactions are playful product design in action

Last week Slack launched their Emo­ji reac­tions fea­ture. This allows you to attach emo­ji to a mes­sage and for oth­ers to chime in and vote for an emo­ji or add their own. I am very excit­ed by this for a num­ber of rea­sons. We use Slack fair­ly heav­i­ly. We have chan­nels for spe­cif­ic projects and […]

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Week 305

I was in the Nether­lands all of last week for some joint work with Kars. I hope to be sta­tion­ary in Berlin for a bit now since all the back and forth does get a bit tir­ing and we have lots of stu­dio work to chew on ahead of us. Kars gave a demo of SHACHI […]

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Week 303

Last week Kars talked with the Air­borne Muse­um about the upcom­ing playtest for SHACHI and also demoed our progress to the client. We are plan­ning a minor pol­ish sprint while we wait for that playtest. Kars also attend­ed the Hack­ing Habi­tat life-hack marathon about debt and facil­i­tat­ed a ses­sion of Play­ing with Rules for a […]

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Week 301

Last week I processed the last of the media atten­tion for Bycatch. We now have a fair­ly hand­some list of praise in var­i­ous lan­guages at the top of the page (check it out!) with Kotaku, Killscreen, Deutsch­landra­dio Kul­tur, WIRED, NOS and Bright. We might add one or two more to that but with that it’s […]

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Week 300

Last week we were most­ly con­cerned with cap­tur­ing the press atten­tion the launch of Bycatch net­ted us. You can see most of the atten­tion post­ed over at the offi­cial web­site but we were hap­py to read things writ­ten on WIRED, Kotaku, NOS, Con­trol-Online among oth­er places. Not to men­tion the stuff still in var­i­ous pipelines. […]

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Week 299

Last week I was in the Nether­lands to par­tic­i­pate in a pitch meet­ing in Tilburg. The rest of the week I worked at the Utrecht stu­dio in Kars’s absence, took some meet­ings and coin­ci­den­tal­ly caught up with a bunch of friends. I went over to SodaPro­duc­ties to talk over a bit of inven­tion we will […]

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Week 298

Last week I pre­pared and gave a talk at Repub­li­ca and spent some time at the fes­ti­val after work. Repub­li­ca sort of is the Ger­man SxSW and brings peo­ple from all over to Berlin for a cou­ple of days. I caught up with lots peo­ple and spoke to some reporters as well. That week being the […]

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Week 296

I was in the Nether­lands last week to fin­ish the first beta of SHACHI. The three of us (Kars, myself and Hedge­field) went to the Air­borne Muse­um in Oost­er­beek on Wednes­day to playtest it. Playtests are absolute­ly essen­tial to val­i­date both for us and our clients that what we are doing is going in the […]

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Week 293

Last week Kars did lots of work on BANKEN cre­at­ing among oth­er things a pro­to­type in Mar­vel of the inter­ac­tive video. Based on pre­lim­i­nary results that seems to be con­sol­i­dat­ing the design for the project. Kars briefed the peo­ple from Hack­ing Habi­tat how they can run our work­shop for­mat Play­ing with Rules at their first […]

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