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Week 309–310

It’s been a while since we fell off the wee­knotes horse, but here we are. So let’s get down to it.

In week 309 we reviewed Q2’s OKRs, and dis­cussed our plans for the future. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy being a bou­tique play­ful design agency. But we’re sol­dier­ing on.

The big project still on deck is Free Birds (pre­vi­ous­ly referred to as Home Rule and SHACHI). This is an iOS game about free­dom for fam­i­lies vis­it­ing war and resis­tance muse­ums, for which we’re using iBea­cons and a con­ver­sa­tion­al interface.

We’re get­ting ready for anoth­er sprint so to that end I demo’d the game to our launch­ing muse­um’s new direc­tor and also hand­ed over the game’s copy and art for review. I also did some pre­lim­i­nary inter­ac­tion design work on upcom­ing fea­tures, and groomed our backlog.

Mean­while, Alper devel­oped some soft­ware for test­ing a web API with which we’ll be inte­grat­ing at some point.

Our remain­ing two cur­rent projects are short­er con­sult­ing engage­ments. For TEDASUKE I did some rough sketch­ing of wire­frames and reviewed them with the client. For KOKORO we reviewed the out­comes of the last playtest and draft­ed a plan for the next sprint, which I also reviewed with the client.

That leaves Bycatch. We had a call to catch up on things. I replied to a ques­tion from a play­er over at the game’s BoardGameGeek forum. And Lekha con­tin­ued to work on an artist state­ment which should see the light of day soon­ish. Plus, she dropped off a bunch of copies at NYC’s Com­pleat Strate­gist, a very cool shop to be car­ried by.

Alper was ill for most of week 310, but I’m hap­py to report he’s feel­ing bet­ter now. So bring on week 311!

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