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Week 315

Last week once again was very much a heads down kind of week. Alper more or less exclu­sive­ly worked on Free Birds. We also talked to the client about the next phase of the project, which kicks in after we fin­ish this sprint, and involves scal­ing up to mul­ti­ple muse­ums. Fur­ther­more, we pre­pared a bug fix release, and we received a first batch of sur­veys from play­ers of the Air­borne Muse­um beta, which were large­ly positive.

On the Bycatch front, I taught around 30 peo­ple how to play the game at a Hack­ing Habi­tat event. Peo­ple seemed to enjoy it, and much dis­cus­sion hap­pened dur­ing and after play­ing the game, which was a lot of fun to see happen.

People playing Bycatch at Hacking Habitat Life-Hack Marathon #3 'How to Cross Borders'

On to the remain­ing small­er con­sult­ing engage­ments. For SHIJIMI I attend­ed a pitch for the pro­duc­tion of the con­cept we helped devel­op. For TEDASUKE I draft­ed a spec for the prod­uct we’ve helped envi­sion in an agile man­ner, by whip­ping up a list of user sto­ries. And final­ly, for KOKORO, I tied up a few loose ends left over from the pre­vi­ous week’s delivery.

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