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Upcoming lecture on pervasive games at CIID

Finally, I get to lecture at my favorite interaction design institute, the CIID. If you’re in the Copenhagen area, do come along. Here’s the description:

It seems that the brave new playful world promised by pervasive/urban/locative/alternate-reality games mavens of the past decade hasn’t really materialized. Gaming hasn’t left the living room much, it still mostly happens on screens and – despite new motion controllers and more connectivity – it’s still not offering many new social or physical experiences. Or is it?

In this talk Kars Alfrink, game designer at Hubbub (NL), looks at what’s going on with physical, social games in cities, drawing examples from both his own practice and those of his peers. As a designer, what’s a productive way of thinking about play, what novel applications might you consider and what does it take to design for playful interactions?

where: The Auditorium, Strandboulevarden 47, Østerbro 2100

when: 5-6pm. Thursday, May 27th, 2010

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