Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Two junior agents, signing off

For the past 4 months, a whoopin’ 1.253 hours (divided amongst the both of us, mind you), we have been broadcasting to you live from the Hubbub studio, bringing you the beez neez of top design in pervasive gaming and experiential learning.

It might not always have been quite clear to you what exactly it is we did here. To be honest, this was not always clear to us either. Actually, that was part of the fun! Being thrown into weird commissions, plunging head first into projects, business lunches, hottubs… Beforehand, there really was no telling what we were up against. In retrospect, we couldn’t have known. We’ve been in the middle of the Learning Lab project since day one, and we’ve had a great deal in shaping it as we went along, along with the students and Dr. Thieu.

Being students, doing an internship is about learning. This, we did. We did because really, what is experiential learning? How on earth do you teach through gaming? And not just normal pre-school knowledge but lessons about the vast humongousity of the human race and the deep inner reflections of human consciousness!

And so we struggled, running head first into concrete walls, battling questions such as: “How do you use assumptions as an active gameplay element?”, “Where is the balance between playing and learning?” and “Why does my brain hurt?”. Because you´re a Designer. And a Pioneer. And we´re interns at an entrepreneur in the games industry.

OK and we also did like lots of other stuff. Which was nice, and good.

The best thing for me in this internship was the freedom we had in making our own design. At the same time I was really motivated because we were actually doing something in the real world, the “big bad world”. And so it’s time to grab together these experiences and tackle the next big thing. Booya.

Wieger and Sylvan, signing off.

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