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Two new projects in the portfolio

I’ve added two projects to our port­fo­lio recent­ly. I thought I’d post a quick note to point them out to you. Learn­ing Lab The first one is Learn­ing Lab, a design research project we ran in the last few months of 2010. It was com­mis­sioned by an exper­i­men­tal edu­ca­tion­al pro­gram for VU and UvA stu­dents aimed […]

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Two junior agents, signing off

For the past 4 months, a whoopin’ 1.253 hours (divid­ed amongst the both of us, mind you), we have been broad­cast­ing to you live from the Hub­bub stu­dio, bring­ing you the beez neez of top design in per­va­sive gam­ing and expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing. It might not always have been quite clear to you what exact­ly it […]

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The end (of the Learning Lab project) is near

So as you know we’ve been work­ing on a metagame for the Learn­ing Lab. This year’s Learn­ing Lab is com­ing to an end and so in order to have the metagame ready before the next one kicks off, it’s time to wrap up: writ­ing won­der­ful design docs, cre­at­ing wicked wire­frames, basi­cal­ly mak­ing a plug and […]

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Learning Lab metagame work in progress

We have entered a new phase in the Learn­ing Lab project. We start­ed off by mak­ing games to elic­it expe­ri­ences which could lead to cer­tain insights. These kinds of games are usu­al­ly called “seri­ous games”, though we kind of dis­like the term as it con­tains some­thing of a con­tra­dic­tion: hav­ing fun while being seri­ous. In […]

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Things we’re working on (volume 1)

So I decid­ed to make a lit­tle ‘what’s on deck’ area on the wall behind my desk today. These are all list­ed in my Things and stuff, but I like hav­ing things around me phys­i­cal­ly as a kind of ambi­ent reminder, also to all the oth­er folks in the stu­dio. And now I’m think­ing, why […]

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Much obliged, +1 banana

The past two months we’ve been design­ing applied games for an hon­ors course called the Learn­ing Lab. The games are designed to offer a struc­ture in which things are learned through play and reflec­tion. That’s the idea, any­way. Anoth­er thing that sup­ports this reflec­tion is a por­tal where all stu­dents have a blog that is […]

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Assumption is the mother of all…

So game num­ber two. What was this game sup­posed to be about? What kind of game could we design to take our stu­dents to the next lev­el? What was our next role? Look­ing at game #1, the big pin­up board game, one of the main things the stu­dents were doing was mak­ing assump­tions about basi­cal­ly everything. […]

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One thousand blank white cards

The Learn­ing Lab is a course. And so like any oth­er course, there’s a set time dur­ing the week where every­one comes togeth­er to learn. Usu­al­ly there’s a cer­tain focus dur­ing these ‘lessons’. This week’s focus was rules and play. Some­thing one could say we, as aspir­ing game design­ers, are famil­iar with. And so for […]

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Game design vs. natural networking

So there we were, plunged head-first into the project, stand­ing in the for­est of Dren­the with a 4 by 2 pin-up board and a Bassie & Adri­aan car­a­van. We had arrived at the Nat­ur­al Net­work­ing Fes­ti­val. The NNF is a com­mu­ni­ty based, crowd-sourced fes­ti­val focused on mak­ing pos­i­tive change hap­pen for soci­ety. Our task as […]

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Introducing two junior agents and the Learning Lab project

Hel­lo! Intro­duc­tion times: My name is Wieger and I am what I like to call a spel­let­jes­mak­er. Which basi­cal­ly trans­lates to game design­er in Eng­lish, so, there, I’m a game design­er. Admit­ted­ly I’m still in school, sortof, becom­ing one, cur­rent­ly in our (our you say? yessir, Syl­van and me, more lat­er) third year of Design […]

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