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Week 154

Not much to report this week. So this is a short one.

Most notably I worked on SAKE some more. I have been collecting things related to collaborative storytelling on Tumblr. I talked about what we’re trying to achieve both with Tim and with Karel and got some useful ideas from both. Then, I sat down with the usual tools of the trade: index cards, poker chips, that sort of thing. I played through a few iterations of paper prototypes to get a handle on what I want this thing to work like. As is customary at this early stage, I mostly discovered what I did not want it to work like. Luckily, by the end of the week I was joined by Dirk Jr. and we made another attempt. This one worked out – we now have a rough framework that can be turned into a software prototype. I just need to write it up.

Other than this, I should point out I was at the screening of Indie Game: The Movie. Kitty, Liselore, Peter and Zuraida put the film on the big screen for the first time in NL so that other besides the indie game in-crowd would take notice. The event sold out, which is great. The film itself is an OK introduction to the phenomenon of indie games, I guess. Although it does favor the display of personal and business challenges at the expense of documenting the actual craft of game design. The moments that do show the creators at work are easily my favorites. In particular, Phil Fish’s obsessive tinkering with the gazillion pixel-art textured cubes that make up Fez’s labyrinthine world.

And finally, I can’t help but mention I once again had a great time playing Space Alert over the weekend. I highly recommend you pick this up if you enjoy collaborative play, board games with unusual formats and intricate game systems.

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