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Week 143

The pre­vi­ous week was the last full work week before I take a break, which starts this Thurs­day. So we’re wrap­ping up run­ning projects or at least get­ting them to stage where they can be safe­ly put on hold.

For Saba, this meant sit­ting down with Hanne, Karel and Alper remote­ly to MoSCoW the list of improve­ments that result­ed from the last play test. I shared the list with the muse­um and talked it through with them on Wednes­day. They had pre­pared their own list so we merged them, result­ing in a list we’re both sat­is­fied with. This has now been frozen and when I return from my break we will pick up from there.

On the Kani front, I did some esti­mates for a pro­duc­tion bud­get on Tues­day, dis­cussed some of the fin­er points of our con­cept with Hanne on Thurs­day and sketched out a rough con­cept sto­ry­board on Fri­day. This week – tomor­row in fact – we’ll present the whole thing to the hos­pi­tal. Hope­ful­ly by the time I return we’ll have a pos­i­tive response from them and can start build­ing a team for production.

With Irene I had anoth­er chat about how to approach the pro­duc­tion of a playable pro­to­type for Buta. With some assis­tance of friends on the inter­net we now have a firm grasp of the tech­nolo­gies involved. So we are now in a good posi­tion to final­ly hire our team and then kick off the next phase once I get back.

Final­ly, I at last found the time to post my Lift12 talk. Alper pre­sent­ed his thoughts on gam­i­fi­ca­tion through the lens of love, dat­ing and rela­tion­ships at NEXT in Berlin. I’m sure he’ll get around to post­ing that here even­tu­al­ly too.

So, a few more days to go and I’m off to the oth­er side of the globe for a few weeks of R&R. You can expect to hear from us again once I return on Mon­day, June 4.

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