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Engaging sleep mode

First of all, best wish­es for the new year. Before look­ing ahead, a quick look back. 2015 was great for us. In our end-of-year review of 2014 we said we want­ed to bal­ance cre­ative suc­cess with more com­mer­cial suc­cess. And we did. Busi­ness was good in 2015. We did much more con­sult­ing com­pared to the year […]

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Highlights from Play Matters

In my review of Play Mat­ters I talked about why I think it is a must-read for any design­er. I thought I’d fol­low that up with some high­lights from the book. These are most­ly from the first two chap­ters. Miguel first talks about what play is. He offers a min­i­mal def­i­n­i­tion which states that play is […]

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Play Matters

When Miguel Sicart’s Play Mat­ters was pub­lished in August of last year it imme­di­ate­ly went on my to-read list but it took me a while before pick­ing it up. When I did I was imme­di­ate­ly hooked. Not since The Well-Played Game have a I come across such a thought­ful treat­ment of play. Play Mat­ters is also […]

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An Outline of Playful Design

In the sum­mer of last year we announced a new direc­tion for the stu­dio, which boils down to us no longer fram­ing our work as game design, but as play­ful design. We are inter­est­ed in design­ing a wide range of play­things, and we are also inter­est­ed in design­ing things that aren’t pri­mar­i­ly meant for play […]

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Week 228

So we’re back from break and man­aged to get some projects wrapped up just around the turn of the year which is a great way to start with a clean slate. I’m writ­ing this from the Nether­lands where I’m keep­ing touch with the moth­er­land though I can’t wait to be back in Berlin. We wrote […]

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Our approach to design consulting

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work late­ly that for lack of a bet­ter term I’ll describe as “design con­sult­ing”. The work is about help­ing orga­ni­za­tions under­stand how games and play can be applied mean­ing­ful­ly to real-world issues and com­plex sys­tems. Part of this is us hav­ing con­ver­sa­tions with peo­ple at those orga­ni­za­tions. We […]

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New tables

I’m writ­ing this from behind a new desk. These were designed by my broth­er Ties. He’d done a pair of desks for BUROPONY before and when I saw his new design for a meet­ing table I asked him to also make a small­er ver­sion that could be used as a desk. The design is rem­i­nis­cent of […]

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Making cultural events more playful

These are sketch­es from a pre­sen­ta­tion that I deliv­ered a while back to a room full of orga­niz­ers of cul­tur­al events and cre­ative agen­cies from Utrecht. This was the cul­mi­na­tion of a study com­mis­sioned by the city of Utrecht, in which we looked at ways of adding play­ful ele­ments to the pro­grams of some of […]

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