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Week 236

Last week was anoth­er week work­ing full throt­tle on AJI which has now been giv­en an offi­cial name and domain (to be announced short­ly). We set­up a scrum list for the week and start­ed work­ing through that and we think that with the cur­rent veloc­i­ty we should be able to show stuff in 1–2 sprints. I kept work­ing on the app while Kars worked on tidy­ing up our web pres­ence a bit and we got exter­nal help in from our broth­er in arms Simon.

Kars was mean­while also prepar­ing some lec­tures, one to be giv­en in Lei­den, one at the Ams­ter­dam Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sci­ences and anoth­er at the Play­ful Design course by Miguel Sicart at ITU in Copen­hagen next month.

Mean­while the guys from Tupil moved into the Utrecht space which we will be shar­ing with them. I vis­it­ed the fifth Talk and Play orga­nized by Loren­zo which sparked some inter­est­ing dis­cus­sions about game jams thanks to Sjors’s pre­sen­ta­tion about it.


Then I left for Oslo on Fri­day to spend my week­end there drink­ing cof­fee for this app we made and that was a week.

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