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Week 129

Hel­lo from Dublin. I am writ­ing this belat­ed wee­knote in between sessions.

Last week saw more work on Saba, with Karel and Hanne mak­ing a first playable pro­to­type. I got to play it togeth­er with Erwin and the direc­tion seemed promis­ing. So we doc­u­ment­ed it and shared it with the client and got some enthu­si­as­tic respons­es from them. Erwin also walked through the muse­um and mapped the WiFi sig­nals in all its rooms. The file should help Alper fig­ure out if we can do indoor local­iza­tion. The next step is to devel­op the design and art fur­ther and present it, then move on to a first playtest in the muse­um with our tar­get audience.

Togeth­er with Irene I pre­pared for my talk on Pig Chase at Interaction12. We also pub­lished the next install­ment of our series of posts on the game’s design process.

I also met with Ianus and Alexan­der to dis­cuss a new This hap­pened event tak­ing place in Ams­ter­dam, which we’ve since announced.

I fin­ished the week with a trip to Berlin where I par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Glob­al Game Jam togeth­er with Alper, Hes­sel, Karel and Niels. Mak­ing a game in 48 hours is an endeav­or fit for the insane but we came togeth­er nice­ly as a group, had fun, hard­ly slept, got to see some­thing of the city and made a game that was at least mild­ly inter­est­ing. It’s called Nakato­mi Rid­er and you can down­load it and play it if you have a Mac, a PS3 con­troller and a friend to join you.1

  1. There’s a great report of our adven­ture by Niels over at Bash­ers. []
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