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Week 190

Hav­ing launched Vic­to­ry Boo­gie Woo­gie just before the week­end it’s only nat­ur­al we had to do a few quick fix­es on Mon­day, the first prop­er day of the game.

I sat down with Niels to review his nar­ra­tive design for KAIGARA. He’s doing a great job of adding “just enough” theme to what is oth­er­wise shap­ing up to be a rather mechan­ics-and-social-inter­ac­tion ori­ent­ed game.

Alper went to a lec­ture by Gra­ham Har­man that day. Har­man is one of a num­ber of philoso­phers we’ve been fol­low­ing with some inter­est late­ly. His treat­ment of Bruno Latour’s ideas is a worth­while read. I’m also quite par­tial to his use of HP Love­craft to explain OOO.

On Tues­day Alper flew to Munich to present our work on FURAPPA to the client’s team. This wraps up the first stage of our work with them. We had lots of fun with this so far, so I’m hop­ing we’ll be able to con­tin­ue and devel­op some of our ideas into more detail.

That same day I had Bas­ti­aan, Niels and Tim over at the Utrecht stu­dio for our week­ly KAIGARA team day. Bas­ti­aan put the final touch­es on the front­door while Niels and Tim worked out a lot of the details of how the theme and the mechan­ics of the game inter­con­nect. We also got to play around with a first rough dig­i­tal pro­to­type.

Alper deployed the KAIGARA front­door on Wednes­day. KAIGARA is titled Rip­ple Effect, and it’s a game for orga­ni­za­tion­al change we’re mak­ing for Shell. The remain­der of the week we most­ly just con­tin­ued work on the project. I had a few calls with the client to dis­cuss our progress and logis­tics of the upcom­ing pilot.

Pre-announcing our next game. See if you can find it. #kaigara #rippleeffect

Mean­while Vic­to­ry Boo­gie Woogie’s first week came to a close. We pushed small tweaks and fix­es to the live site as we saw things firm­ing up. Mean­while some fun writ­ing and art were sub­mit­ted. Per­son­al favorites include this essay on Mondriaan’s hand­writ­ing by Kees ‘t Hart and this ani­mat­ed gif of var­i­ous yel­low jack­ets by Eva-Fiore Kova­cov­sky. I’m real­ly pleased with how it’s already turn­ing out to be this kalei­do­scop­ic sto­ry­world that you can kind of pick your own way through, and knead by writ­ing some your­self. I’m Kaeru there myself, by the way, and this is my first sub­mis­sion.

And final­ly we were pleased to see Hide&Seek’s Tiny Games Kick­starter make it to the fin­ish line. Not in the least because this means I will get to design a tiny game for the app myself, too.

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