Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 175

And with that, my last work­ing day of 2012 comes to an end. We’re clos­ing shop for the next week and will be back in the sad­dle on Jan­u­ary 2nd. But before I go, one last set of notes on what we did this week.

The vast major­i­ty of my time was tak­en up by KAIGARA. Togeth­er with Her­man I final­ized our agen­da and built a deck of slides for the first work­shop, which hap­pened on Wednes­day. Walls were plas­tered with post-its by the time we were fin­ished, giv­ing us a nice map of the game’s aims, con­text of use and audi­ence. The sub­se­quent days we processed them, look­ing for the key themes and actions that will be the basis for the game design as we move for­ward.

Alper was over in NL this week so we sat down to dis­cuss the state of the busi­ness on Thurs­day. We looked ahead to 2013 a lit­tle and con­tin­ued to tin­ker with our part­ner­ship struc­ture, look­ing for the best fit for our dis­trib­uted bou­tique agency with an inter­na­tion­al out­look.

That’s it. Have a love­ly christ­mas, and see you on the flip side.

Hubbub Christmas greeting

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