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Week 245

Our col­lab­o­ra­tion with Sub­alekha (code­named KEGANI) reached a mile­stone this week with the sub­mis­sion of a pro­pos­al to the Knight Foun­da­tion’s Pro­to­type Fund. We talked through the draft pro­pos­al on Mon­day, made some final adjust­ments after­wards, and sent it in on Wednes­day. It’s fin­gers crossed for now while we wait for a response.

I spent a day in Ams­ter­dam on Tues­day, meet­ing with Mon­nik, hav­ing lunch at Open Coop and final­ly meet­ing at Media­mat­ic to dis­cuss our plans for a Stand­ing event dur­ing their Light­ness exhibition.

Lunch at Open Coop

Speak­ing of which, I attend­ed the Ignite which served as the open­ing event for Light­ness on Wednes­day. Peo­ple demoed Ala Ban­dera, announced a full week’s inves­ti­ga­tion into soap bub­bles and Dirk talked about ludic acts of resis­tance as a teas­er for our thing on Ascen­sion Day (watch this space).

Flag Aerobics / Ala Bandera demo at Mediamatic Fabriek

Work on Stand­ing con­tin­ues at a slow but steady pace. We were reject­ed by Apple on Thurs­day and pro­ceed­ed to make the nec­es­sary adjust­ments to the app. I also fid­dled with the web­site, which real­ly tru­ly is near­ly there, now.

On Thurs­day, I head­ed to Dutch Game Gar­den to cel­e­brate the launch of Bezir­cle, which is made by Ludo­mo­tion—asso­ciate Joris Dor­mans’s indie game stu­dio. Bezir­cle is a quirky tac­ti­cal action game with super easy one-touch con­trols, par­tic­u­lar­ly fun for local mul­ti­play­er sessions.

I end­ed the week by drink­ing “van­deStreek” beers and play­ing Bang! at the month­ly Bier­club. Alper, mean­while, dove into the social cir­cuit around ThingsCon and on Sun­day attend­ed an event on the­atre and games.

Playing Bang! at Vechtclub XL Bierclub

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