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Week 271

These wee­knotes are late because of some irreg­u­lar­i­ties in the stu­dio. Kars is cur­rent­ly enjoy­ing a hol­i­day in Seoul while I have been sick for most of the week. Last week was event­ful so there are the wee­knotes anyway.

Last Mon­day we final­ly got around to doing our Q3 OKR review with opti­mistic results. In the evening we caught up with Jus­si Holopainen of GEE­lab who was in Utrecht for the Games for Health event.

Dur­ing this entire week we kept on test­ing and tun­ing Bycatch. After hav­ing opened pre­orders last week at Play­ful we need to get it into shape to ship quick­ly. Thank­ful­ly we did crack some of the big­ger game design nuts and we now have a game on our hands that is fun and does what it needs to do.

We are inch­ing towards releas­ing the new ver­sion of Stand­ing. Those new iPhone mod­els were a bit of a set­back but progress is steady. The team would love to have this out there so we can take a breather.

We con­sult­ed with Sebas­t­ian on KLM and did a bunch of work to fin­ish that engage­ment for final deliv­ery. It has been a plea­sure work­ing with them and find­ing a solu­tion fit­ting for their prob­lem space. We may be writ­ing some more stuff about what we pro­duced later.

I met up with Berlin based Affec­tive Sys­tems to tie up that engage­ment as well. This one was dif­fer­ent in almost all respects but because it is an ear­ly stage start­up we think that this is the ide­al moment to start think­ing about how play can add val­ue to the product.

We brain­stormed with Ianus for our upcom­ing work­shop at Thingscon Ams­ter­dam. What we thought would be the most fun and the most inter­est­ing was to mashup the works of Kei­th John­stone and Bill Bux­ton and see whether we can impro­vise a bunch of play­ful devices that talk to each other.

Kars ran a work­shop at the uRule sym­po­sium about smash­ing the bor­der between online and offline and met with Rosie Poe­bright of Splash and Rip­ple (pic­tured below).

Splash and Ripple's Rosie Poebright talking about the wonderful Ghosts in the Garden

On Fri­day we had a call to dis­cuss fur­ther details of Bycatch with Sub­alekha. Kars met up with Jamin War­ren to talk through the Kill Screen pan­el on video games and affect at Impakt Festival.

Setting up for Kill Screen panel on games and affect at IMPAKT festival

On the week­end Kars appeared on that pan­el. I attend­ed the first Berlin Pro­duc­thunt meet­up and I worked a bit on remain­dered projects: a new release of Cup­pings should be out soon.

Producthunt Meetup

And in ran­dom facts we were pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to hear King Willem-Alexan­der of the Nether­lands men­tion the Pig Chase project in a speech.

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