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Week 180

I had the pleasure of spending most of this week working at our Berlin studio face-to-face with Alper.

Alper's workplace at Praxis

A large part of our time was taken up with work on FURAPPA. We spent several sessions over the course of the week generating ideas. We’ll go over those next, pick the best ones and develop them a bit further so they can be presented. This is a short engagement, but we hope to be asked to develop some of these concepts further in the next phase. For sure, we’re already rather excited about some of the more outlandish ones.

Another reason for my trip to Berlin was the slightly belated strategy session that was still on our list. We spent an afternoon thinking out loud about the near and slightly more distant future of our practice, punctuated by a few games of darts and hand-ground coffee rituals.

Since the number, scope and scale of projects we are taking on has increased quite a bit, we decided to set up a resource planning. As with all these administrative tools we strive to keep things light-weight but effective. Alper, who is now firmly in the saddle as our second managing partner, put together just the thing and I am enjoying the added insight into the business already.

Alper squeezed in work on a conference submission, which will continue our investigation into games-as-rituals and also include not just talking but also doing. I am sure regular readers of this blog know that is something we feel strongly about.

All of this was punctuated by a number of Skype calls with potential clients, friends and possible future collaborators. Contract negotiations for the second stage of KAIGARA also got underway in earnest.

And so on Saturday, I hopped on a train back to Utrecht. During the six-hour ride I had the pleasure of looking back on what can only be described as Yet Another Good Week.

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