Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 179

This will be some short notes where I had been floored by flu over the week­end and Kars spent most of his time in Utrecht push­ing every­thing along for the con­cept pre­sen­ta­tion of KAIGARA.

Since this week you can also reg­is­ter for updates on the Game­ful World, the book Kars is con­tribut­ing to.

In between every­thing there was ample cof­fee with co-con­spir­a­tors both in Berlin and Utrecht. Kars and Tim Bosje, who you might remem­ber from Cer­e­mo­ny of Sur­prise, even thought up a cof­fee themed card game over cof­fee. Lots of stuff brew­ing (no pun intend­ed) and a lot we would like to share, but not just now.

And then we fin­ished the week with a FRIDAYS AT 7 at our local De Bas­taard because we and stu­dio friends had rea­son enough to cel­e­brate. Niels ‘t Hooft—who we col­lab­o­rat­ed with in Code 4—finished his book draft:

And Arjen de Jong—a for­mer intern—graduated:

First FRIDAYS AT 7 with friends of Hubbub.

A final note on logis­tics: next week Kars will be in Berlin at Prax­is for a plan­ning ses­sion and work on FURAPPA.

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