Week 308

Lots of work on KOKORO this week. We finished the first prototype and playtested it with a bunch of teenagers. Received plenty of helpful feedback. We need to do a proper evaluation but my first impression is that our decision to structure the product around a conversational UI has been validated.

For the remaining projects on deck, we mostly took stock of things and planned next steps. I reviewed the KOKORO release candidate with the whole team and made a list of final things to fix. Alper and I did some serious planning on the next phase of SHACHI, which should also culminate in a release candidate. And I went over to TEDASUKE’s client to review the user journey we mapped and to make a list of screens to mock up.

We had a call with Lekha to discuss some upcoming marketing efforts. Lekha has been working on an artist statement which should go out soon. Shortly after our call Bycatch got “hunted” on Product Hunt.

Alper published a fun post on Slack’s emoji reactions feature.

As the week ended, I started writing up my thoughts on the automated game design symposium I attended recently. Meanwhile Alper started porting SHACHI to tablet, and investigated ways of improving our iBeacon reading performance.

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