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Week 307

Last week Kars was on some­thing of a road show trav­el­ing the length of the Nether­lands for projects old and new. At the same time I was in the stu­dio work­ing with technology.

Kars went to Tilburg to pitch suc­cess­ful­ly for fur­ther fund­ing on SHIJIMI. Now that that cycle is closed we can move for­ward with actu­al­ly design­ing stuff. Kars also cre­at­ed a user jour­ney for TEDASUKE. I went over to a ven­ture firm to see whether they need our ser­vices (it turns out they do).

We built a pro­to­type con­ver­sa­tion­al per­son­al coach for KOKORO using Foun­da­tion. I briefly tried out Foun­da­tion for Apps but found it too com­plex and too sparse­ly doc­u­ment­ed for what it offers. For this pro­to­type speed of devel­op­ment and being able to test the assump­tions of the UI and the main loop are most important.

It was also nice to see Cam­parc fea­tured over at Playscapes. Last week we dis­cussed next steps for that project as well.

I went to an offi­cial Uni­ty devel­op­ers meet­up held in Berlin on Thurs­day evening. It was inter­est­ing to see what direc­tion Uni­ty is devel­op­ing into and what kind of peo­ple use it. The audi­ence unfor­tu­nate­ly was one of the least diverse I’ve seen at a tech event in ages. Giv­en the fact that game devel­op­ment is so pop­u­lar, the fact that only a cer­tain type of peo­ple can get into it is pro­found­ly unhealthy.

For SHACHI we are get­ting the new direc­tor of our first muse­um up to speed before we start the next sprint. That sprint will cul­mi­nate in a release can­di­date that will run in the muse­um for some time.

Kars also attend­ed a con­fer­ence on auto­mat­ed game design organ­ised by the Ams­ter­dam Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sci­ences. There were a bunch of projects that flowed from our asso­ciate Joris Dor­man­s’s work on engi­neer­ing emer­gence. We have been an indus­try part­ner of the project and have giv­en input on the tools we use when design­ing games. We will be report­ing back some find­ings from this project here lat­er as well.

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