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Kars speaking at several upcoming events

I have a num­ber of speak­ing engage­ments lined up for the near future so I thought I’d fire off a quick post before the week­end to point them out to you.

  • First up is Media­mat­ic’s Mob Fest on Wednes­day 23 March in Ams­ter­dam (that’s next week). I’ll talk about mak­ing per­va­sive urban games that are more than ‘just’ “con­ver­sa­tion pieces”.
  • On Wednes­day 6 April, also in Ams­ter­dam I’ll be at PechaKucha Night #17. I’ll present on play­ing with ani­mals and maybe share some work in progress on project Buta…
  • And final­ly, on Thurs­day 12 May I’ll be in Man­ches­ter at FutureEv­ery­thing. I think I’ll talk about issues of con­tem­po­rary city life and how to address those using applied per­va­sive games with­out going to the ‘gam­i­fi­ca­tion’ route.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you at one of these.

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