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‘New Games for a Resilient Society’ at TEDxUtrecht 2012

A few weeks ago I pre­sent­ed at TEDx­Utrecht. I talked about crises, unknown-unknowns and the notion of anti-fragility—how we might be bet­ter able to deal with the unpre­dictable if we were to hone our impro­vi­sa­tion skills. To this end, I sug­gest a spe­cif­ic class of games as train­ing grounds, for which I bor­row the term ‘new games’. I also explain why seri­ous games and gam­i­fi­ca­tion won’t do for the class of prob­lems I am inter­est­ed in, because they are pre­scrip­tive in stead of gen­er­a­tive. Famil­iar stuff if you’ve been fol­low­ing our think­ing here over the past few years. But it’s con­densed into just nine min­utes and I think it came out rather well.

I am not writ­ing up the whole talk but in stead I am post­ing the video and the bare slides. This is a diver­gence from my usu­al prac­tice, but I hope you’ll excuse my lazi­ness. I have how­ev­er added links to all the sources implic­it­ly ref­er­enced. For pho­to cred­its, please refer to the links in the slides them­selves. As always, if you’ve enjoyed this, then you might want to have a look at these pre­vi­ous talks.




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