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Week 196

Last week, Alper spent time lead­ing devel­op­ment on Vic­to­ry Boo­gie Woo­gie and Rip­ple Effect while I lead the design.

For the for­mer, we worked on the final update which should con­sid­er­ably improve the home­page. It’s always a chal­lenge to design ahead of actu­al con­tent. Now that the game has been run­ning for some time we have much more mate­r­i­al to work from.

For the lat­ter, we’ve been pro­cess­ing the pilot’s results and wrap­ping up things for fur­ther devel­op­ment lat­er on. One of the things I par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed doing was to make a quick video for our client demo­ing a new phys­i­cal pro­to­type cre­at­ed by Tim, which demon­strates solu­tions to some of the issues encoun­tered dur­ing the pilot.

Alper pub­lished a Recess! on the nihilism inher­ent in game design—rec­om­mend­ed reading.

I also facil­i­tat­ed a work­shop at a Dutch broad­cast­er togeth­er with Jeroen van Mas­trigt of We Love Your Work. The work­shop focused on adapt­ing a game concept—which takes as its input clips from TV—to a new show. In the process we intro­duced some new mechan­ics that were the­mat­i­cal­ly appro­pri­ate to the show’s con­tent. It was a very focused, very pro­duc­tive work­shop with imme­di­ate­ly action­able items as the outcome.

In between all this there was also time for cake with our friends at Game Oven to cel­e­brate the launch of their lat­est game Bam Fu, which you should total­ly go out and play.

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