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Week 256

Last week I trav­eled to Utrecht to do some main­te­nance work on an old project. I took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to work at our Utrecht office and check out the Vecht­club XL’s new cafe De Klub. I am severe­ly impressed how the venue is shap­ing up to become Utrecht’s num­ber one des­ti­na­tion. Anoth­er old project that saw some work—summer time being main­te­nance time—was Beesten­bende for which we shipped a new release.

The big event for the week was clos­ing FUNKOROGASHI and kick­ing off devel­op­ment for it in rapid suc­ces­sion. This is going to be an instal­la­tion game for STRP fes­ti­val which we’ll be post­ing more on this week.

Playtesting KEGANI at Dutch Game Garden

Kars and I playtest­ed KEGANI which is shap­ing up nice­ly. It’s a fast paced card game with a seri­ous pay­load. Kars then also test­ed it at the Sub­cul­tures game night at the Dutch Game Gar­den. We talked a bit more about stu­dio strat­e­gy and how that is influ­enced by the realign of a cou­ple of weeks ago. That dis­cus­sion helped us to fur­ther pol­ish our tagline to “design stu­dio for play­ful prod­ucts” which we think is con­cise and cov­ers everything.


I trav­eled back to Berlin on Thurs­day evening and did some remain­dered sales work on Fri­day before head­ing to our local esports cafe Melt­down to watch the open­ing games of The Inter­na­tion­al. I’m a big fan of Cloud9 who unfor­tu­nate­ly have been knocked out of the tour­na­ment as I’m writ­ing this.

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